Our Process

Our four-step consultation process follows a cycle of listening, understanding, presenting sound advice and following up with regular reviews. It is designed to place you – the client – in the driver’s seat and sets us apart from the others in the industry.

The four steps in our consultation process are:

Financial Health Check

At our first meeting, we do what we call a Financial Health Check. We’ll find out a bit more about you and your family – your future goals, level of debt, income, assets and expenditure – and we’ll agree on what level of service you’d like from us.

This could be mortgage finance, personal insurance, investment planning, business loans or risk management, KiwiSaver or personal and business financial planning.

As part of this health check, be prepared to share personal information. Under our privacy policy, this information is safe with us – there is no scope for misuse, even if you decide to partner with someone else instead. Remember, the more information you share with us, the better equipped we will be to find financial and risk management solutions that meet your individual needs.

We can meet any time (even after 5 pm!) at a place convenient to you. Allow 30-45 minutes for this meeting. Call us today or click here if you’d like an instant chat.

Recommendations Report

We present a recommendations report as part of the follow up meeting after the Financial Health Check. This is when we present our findings on your financial situation and the possible solutions.

This is an obligation-free recommendation report, which costs you nothing, but leaves you well informed about your financial prospects.The report is presented in a format that is most suitable to you, written or a detailed verbal discussion. Allow one or two hours as this report covers the various options available to you and the features of each, pros and cons, etc.

A mortgage report typically includes calculations to show how much you can save and what our recommendations may be to structure your finances to save you money. An insurance recommendation report generally compares providers by quality and price. It explains policy wording with easy to understand graphs and charts.

We’ll agree next steps with your mortgage, insurance or other plan – that might be choosing an option and progressing with it, or perhaps leaving you with everything to think it over. You can be assured that we will leave you better informed after this meeting on matters of finance and risk – all explained to you in simple English!

Finalising your finance and risk management solution

When you’re happy with your plan, we start finalising and personalising the finance and/or risk solution to fit your needs. This includes getting confirmed interest rates or premium quotes. We can walk you through the mortgage and insurance application forms and other formal documentation, explaining all the fine print.


We are happy to check in with you at least once a year to make sure your plan is still on track. If anything has changed in your personal circumstances, we make suggestions as suitable.We can help you on an ongoing basis for as long as you like, making sure you get the best deals in the future and achieve your goals faster.