Personal Loans

Whether it’s a holiday, a special occasion, surgery or house renovations, we can help you secure a personal loan at a competitive rate.

Trust INNOVEST personal loan lenders for New Zealand financial solutions.

Have you got yourself in a sticky financial situation? Feeling bogged down by debt, mounting bills and overdrafts? Consult a personal loan adviser at INNOVEST. We can help consolidate your debts into one loan for smoother cash flow and to save you money. We’ll even help you plan and budget so you can pay off your debts quickly and comfortably.

Got a wedding or a 21st birthday coming up? Want to go for a long-awaited holiday? Depending on your financial situation our personal loan lenders can secure a loan for you at a great deal so you can do it all. We can also help in getting a pre-approval for your loan before you plan your special event so you know how much you can spend.

While every situation is unique, typically personal loans are based on your ability to repay the loan, stability of income, your residency and credit history. Loans can be tailored to meet your needs and can be arranged for people from all walks of life, including new immigrants, students and people with various financial problems.

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