Like many Kiwi businesses, we started small and have grown to become a company of highly experienced registered financial advisers in New Zealand.

After working as a financial adviser in various insurance and mortgage funding companies in Malaysia and New Zealand, in 2006 Danny Yong decided to branch out on his own and establish INNOVEST.

In 2012 Danny was joined by colleague and friend Charlie Gautier, who spent many years working for four out of five major banks in New Zealand. Besides excellent credentials as a registered financial adviser, Charlie came to the business with the same ideas towards financial management – simplifying money matters and making the financial lives of clients easier. It helps that his vast banking experience lends itself towards negotiating the best rates and premiums for our clients.

INNOVEST has grown with the central principle of helping our clients achieve and protect their dreams. We strive to be New Zealand’s best financial advisers.

The idea was simple, to get rid of any sales pitch, cut out the jargon and make financial choices easy to understand for our clients. To educate them, without being boring. By doing so, we empower them to realise the possibilities that are available through excellent financial management, investment and asset protection. In return, we become a client’s first choice for anything financial, whether it is protection from risk or improving their financial well-being. We become their friends and financial partners for the long term.

The INNOVEST team comprises of three other financial consultants, Randy Lo, Hadyn Padfield, and Bryn Morgans. Together we cover Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown, with a vision to expand into other New Zealand centres.

As Registered Financial Advisers, our clients get the benefit of free, impartial and tailored advice for Home Loans, Personal Loans, Insurance, Car Loans, Business Loans, Business Insurance and KiwiSaver funds in Auckland, Wellington and across all of New Zealand . Clients are at the centre of the all-encompassing financial solutions we carve for them. This client-first approach remains our ongoing central principle. One we pledge to maintain.

Meet The INNOVEST Team

While you may not meet them, our internal support team are integral in keeping things running smoothly in our office and making sure you receive the best customer care service possible.